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About Spring Air

The Company

Spring Air Systems, established in 1988, specializes in commercial kitchen ventilation systems. We direct all our resources to provide the most economical and energy efficient ventilation systems available.

All of our products have one or more of the following listings: UL, ULC, CSA. In addition, our products are built in accordance with the current edition of the National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA-96) and the Uniformed Mechanical Code (UMC), IMC BOCA, SBCCI.

Our commercial kitchen ventilation products include:

  1. Waterwash hoods
    • High efficiency grease extraction
    • Automatic daily cleaning
  2. Dry Extractors
    • High efficiency grease extraction
    • Manual cleaning
  3. Cartridge Hoods
    • Medium efficiency grease extraction
    • Manual cleaning
  4. Filter Hoods
    • Low efficiency grease extraction
    • Manual cleaning
    • Economic capital cost
  5. Rev-Low Hoods
    • High efficiency grease extraction
    • Manual or automatic cleaning
    • Most energy efficient to operate
  6. Enviro Units
    • Discharging at low levels rather than at roof deck
    • Discharging into parking garages
    • Optional odor reducing modules
    • Indoor and outdoor arrangements
  7. Exhaust Fans
    • Direct, belt or variable drive
    • Motor starters
    • Roof curbs
  8. Fire suppression systems
    • Pre-piped in hood prior to shipment
    • Control Panels
    • Manual or automatic control
  9. Supply air units
    • Indirect and Direct gas fired
    • Evaporative cooling
    • Indoor and outdoor arrangements
  10. Energy Rails
    • One connection for each service
    • Including all electrical, gas, and water piping
    • Monitors electrical status of all equipment
  11. Variable Volume Kitchen Exhaust Systems
    • Simple and cost effective
    • Automatically reduce exhaust and supply volumes during off cooking times
    • Retrofit systems also available

Our Experience

To date, thousands of our systems have been installed throughout the USA and Canada. Our sales and service network extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Product warranty is one-year parts and labor. Satisfied customers include various chain restaurants, fast food and sit down, hotels, military bases, food courts, schools, hospitals, and retirement homes.

Let our sales representative visit your office and design, specify, quote and draw a commercial kitchen exhaust system before your eyes, using our "state of the art" web-based design program. A half hour of your time may change the way you ventilate your commercial kitchen forever.

Let Us Help You

We can supply you with the specifications, equipment drawings, and operating costs for commercial kitchen ventilation systems that meet all local and national codes.

Want to know more? Call us at (905) 338-2999, FAX us at (905) 338-0179 or e-mail us at